How to roll your own NFT marketplace AND start minting, all in 5 minutes.

  1. deploy your own Rarible NFT marketplace contract to Ethereum
  2. and programmatically mint NFTs to it.

1. Deploy Your Own NFT Marketplace Contract

2. Mint to Your Collection

mkdir custom-collection
cd custom-collection
npm init
npm install rarepress
const Rarepress = require('rarepress');
(async () => {
// 1. initialize
const rarepress = new Rarepress()
await rarepress.init({ network: "rinkeby" })
// 2. import a web image to fs
let cid = await rarepress.fs.add("")
// 3. create a token and save to local rarepress, referencing the image
let signedToken = await rarepress.token.create({
contract: "0x6A988D6F7E28C67e41BD94720792Ce6FBdeEFf8c",
metadata: {
name: "Friendly Clown",
description: "A friendly clown is giving you a red balloon",
image: "/ipfs/" + cid
console.log("signedToken", signedToken)
// 3. publish files to IPFS
await rarepress.fs.push(cid)
await rarepress.fs.push(signedToken.uri)
// 4. publish token to Rarible marketplace
let sent = await rarepress.token.send(signedToken)
console.log("sent", sent)




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