How to instantly deploy, build, and manage your own NFT drop without relying on a 3rd party.

OpenFactoria: The Full Stack Open Sourced NFT Vending Machine Factory, with Zero 3rd party

NFT.STORAGE Integration for IPFS

  1. Free: It’s 100% free without limits (for storing NFTs)
  2. Reliable performance: When first launched, the performance was a bit choppy, but they have fixed most of the problems and improved performance. It’s very reliable.

Powerful Invite Management with NO 3rd party dependency

Instant Serverless Minting Page

  1. Use the built-in Openfactoria minting page
  2. Use the instant minting page generator (Skinnerbox) to build your own minting page and publish to any serverless hosting service like vercel, netlify, github pages, etc.

1. The Built-in minting page

2. Generate your own custom minting page

Manage Everything in One Place

  1. Collection information: configure the collection name, symbol, total supply, baseURI, placeholder, or completely freeze the collection forever by making it “permanent”.
  2. Gift: Gift tokens to people
  3. Invites: Super flexible invite system. Airdrop, Presale list, Public launch, you name it, you can build as many invite lists as you want and manage them all in one place. (With Openfactoria, it even introduces a new feature that lets you “edit” minting conditions for existing lists,
  4. Royalty: Set the EIP-2981 royalty standard on your collection. (note: you need to set it here, as well as on Opensea, since Opensea doesn’t yet support EIP-2981, although they do plan to support it soon).
  5. Revenue: Withdraw minting revenue, set the revenue beneficiary to another account, manage revenue splits.
  6. Transfer Ownership: Transfer your collection to another account if you need to.

100% Open Source

  1. Fork and customize: You can fork Openfactoria and customize it for your own purpose and use it for yourself.
  2. Build Openfactoria into your own app: If you’re building various minting tools, you can fork and integrate Openfactoria into your workflow without having to write contract, manage IPFS uploads, and everything. The Factoria contract has taken care of all the complicated part such as gas optimization and decentralized invite list management. You can just take it and use it. (But read the factoria docs first, to understand how everything works!)
  3. Build together!: Feel free to contribute to the core Openfactoria repository by sending pull requests on GitHub.


  1. Openfactoria lets you build and launch your NFT collection independently, without relying on a SaaS provider.
  2. Openfactoria is “Open”, completely open source. You can fork Openfactoria and customize it, integrate into your own NFT minting tools, or do whatever you want with it.
  3. Openfactoria has no server. Everything works in the browser serverlessly. This makes everything super simple to port. You don’t need to spin up a digitalocean server or anything to roll your own Openfactoria, you simply need to fork Openfactoria on GitHub!
  1. Openfactoria web app:
  2. Openfactoria GitHub:
  3. Twitter:
  4. Discord:
  5. Documentation: (This was written for the legacy Factoria app but most of the explanation still relevant since the protocol is exactly the same, and Openfactoria is simply a new interface on top of the protocol)



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