Factoria F0 V2

A new version of the Factoria F0 NFT contract

2 min readFeb 8, 2022

Today I’m releasing F0-V2, a new version of the Factoria F0 NFT contract. You can find them here: https://factoria.app/

First of all, F0-v2 is NOT a major update, it just makes some internal updates to the invite engine that used to be confusing, as well as adding some abuse protection towards the invite system. It does NOT change the exposed API so all the websites and libraries will work exactly the same with no change (such as skinnerbox and f0.js). The only changes made are completely internal.


  1. Sandboxed Invite Quota: With v2, a mint quota for a single invite does NOT affect your mint quota for another invite for the same collection. For example, imagine Alice mints 2 tokens from a presale invite (mint limit 2). Then the same collection launches public and does a public sale with a public invite (mint limit 1). With V1 Alice can’t participate in the public sale because the logic compares the “mint limit 1” against all the tokens she owns (which is 2), which was confusing. You would think that Alice should be able to mint all 2 for the public sale regardless of whether she participated in the presale or not. V2 changes this and now every invite has its own quota, so if Alice gets 100 invites, she can mint from all 100 invites and her quota doesn’t carry over from one invite to another.
  2. Abuse protection: V2 now keeps track of all the minting history. Taking advantage of this, it adds some more protection towards people trying to abuse the invite system. For example, some may try to mint and immediately send the minted tokens to another wallet and mint again. V2 strictly blocks this scenario by storing the entire minting history instead of using a user’s current balance to determine the quota.

Note that V2 uses slightly more gas than V1 because now it stores the minting history on chain. More specifically, the first mint for each minter costs more than it used to because it has to set up the data structure for storing the minting history, but for those who bulk mint (more than one), the cost goes down from the second token and the difference gets narrowed down to around $1 per token, so I think it’s worth it and recommend using V2 going forward.

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